Meal time at the Hospital und weitere Werke von Chittaprosad

Meal time at the Hospital
10 x 14.6 inch (h x w)
Brush and ink on paper

“Daily one meal of Dal-Bhat and one vegetable curry, milk – ? seer, and barley water for the sick. . . And of course such babies, I found most rarely – upto one year baby – I have not seen single one in my ten days tour through some 25 villages.” Chittaprosad’s field-notes from 24 June 1944 speak volumes about the sufferings of the people of Munshiganj, offering an all-too-vivid picture of the absolute destitution they found themselves in because of governmental callousness. Chittaprosad’s stark lines in this work comes closest to his contemporary, Zainul Abedin’s sketches of the famine - a haunting reminder of the long-term effects of the Bengal famine.

Copyright DAG, part of the Ghare Baire collection

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