Untitled und weitere Werke von Chittaprosad

11.1 x 14.3 inch (h x w)
Ink and graphite on paper

The period in which this work was made (March 1947) was a very tumultuous one for the Communist Party of India. The Left and the Right factions within the Party were vying for power, leading to an eventual overthrow by B. T. Ranadive of the old guard represented by P. C. Joshi, who was largely responsible for the induction of artists like Chittaprosad into the Party fold.

The caricatured Congressman-Capitalist-Imperialist nexus in the work echoes the CPI line that India could not truly achieve independence under the leadership of bourgeois parties like the Congress. While the expression of the man in front betrays an air of shock, the young boy at the back already possesses the fiery, resolute visage commonly found in Chittaprosad’s rendering of the proletariat. His combination of the visual idioms of regional traditions of political caricature and Socialist realism, makes Chittaprosad a unique voice among the different strands of visual modernism that we see emerging in the tumultuous forties.

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