Rollers und weitere Werke von Kira-Rashida Bölke

h = 300 cm
Acrylics on canvas

My name is Kira-Rashida Bölke, born in 1992 in Hannover, Germany. Soon, as a baby, I moved to a small rural town near the dutch/german border. After growing up in this small town, feeling always slightly different from the rest of my peers and my ongoing creativity over the years I decided in 2010 to study Fine Art in Enschede, the Netherlands. So I moved there and celebrated my student life and that I finally found people around me with the same passion and interests. After five years of studying and exploring multiple creative disciplines and getting my first Bachelor degree, I chose to combine my passion for art and the love to inspire people, and enrolled for a second Bachelor study to become an Art teacher. In 2016 I started my second Bachelor of art education, which I finished in 2018. In 2017 I met my partner, who also is an artist, while doing my first internship at the Aki, my former university. After our love story evolved and we committed to each other, we started also to collaborate often. Between the years I participated in several art projects, such as K-Fest in Ireland, where I had an Exhibition with my partner and collaborative works.

Instagram: @Kira_Rashida

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"Blank" Introduction
220.4 x 196.2 cm (h x w)

Crystal, 2020
h = 250 cm
Film photograph (Ilford 200)

When We Are Out of Balance
h = 230 cm
Digital image/text

Natural Correction
h = 180 cm
Correction Fluid on Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper

Untitled Sculpture II
h = 300 cm
Drawing of future installation


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