Waiting For My Shadow und weitere Werke von Baysan Yüksel

Waiting For My Shadow
h = 250 cm
Acrylics on heavy paper

Baysan Yuksel (1984) graduated from İstanbul Bilgi University Department of Sociology with a minor degree in Cinema and Television in 2007, and completed her master’s degree in Painting at Marmara University in 2010.

She has exhibited her works both in Turkey and abroad in cities such as New York, Bristol, Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona.
Yüksel produces works in multidisciplinary areas such as drawing, collage, three-dimensional objects, artist books, video, installation, writing and she also illustrates books.

Her works question the concepts such as routines, beliefs, traditions and consumerism.
Storytelling is the fundamental language she uses for her works. In this sense, her works often refers to dreams and universal symbols as it points to the collective subconscious. In her recent works she uses snake, octopus and fish as such symbols. She prefers the concept of water since it symbolizes both the beginning and the essence of life.

She currently lives and works in Istanbul.

Instagram: @baysanyuksel

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