dropstone and more art by Hannele Luhtasela


The poem was inspired by a rock I came across in Aberdeen, Scotland, which had a small sign which read ‘Glacial Erratic’. I liked the sound of those two words in combination and ended up writing a couple of poems about it. A glacial erratic is a stone that was transported over a large distance by glacial ice, and ended up far from its original location when the ice melted. A dropstone can be a kind of glacial erratic, but instead of being dropped onto land, a dropstone fell out of a melting iceberg and ended up in the water, becoming embedded in sediment.


Hannele Luhtasela is a biologist, editor, photographer, and poet from Helsinki, Finland. They write poetry in English and Swedish, and have a great love for science. One day soon they hope to publish a book of poetry. You can get in touch with them through their website ( or on Facebook @LuhtaselaPhotography.

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