Medieval city of Pérouges and more art by Philippe Ormières

Medieval city of Pérouges, 2020
40 x 40 inch (h x w)
Digital Photo
dimensions variable

I started photography in the dark of a laboratory of film photography, I always experimented, polaroids modified by pressure, collages... And then in 2020, thanks to the encounter with the possibilities of digital tools, I became a «photographer» to revisit reality with humour and poetry, while preserving an essential element of reality in each of my works.

I make a photo on camera, and the transformation on smartphone. The result must have meaning, a soul... When I create, I feel like the soul of a DJ, recomposing a new score from existing songs. The starting point is real and recognizable, then it derails in the right direction to become a poetic and magical graphic creation, which gives emotion to the spectator!

PLEASE NOTE: The scale of this artwork has been adjusted for the purposes of this virtual exhibition.

LOCATION: Beligneux, France

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