Pollen Glitch and more art by Yannet Vilela

Pollen Glitch, 2020
45 x 45 inch (h x w)
Mixed Media (web art
3d art). Dimensions variable

New media artist, Founder of escape 010101: a platform that reunites artists from around the world, aimed at incorporating visual art, music and other mediums. Currently working in experimental 3d video art & audiovisual events with bqestia soundsystem. She’s researching and experimenting with VR/AR & 3D art ideas to transport people to different worlds and scenes she builds on her mind, mixing abstract figures, technology, glitch art, hybrid content and more.

PLEASE NOTE: The scale of this artwork has been adjusted for the purposes of this virtual exhibition.



LOCATION: Lima, Peru

exhibited by:

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50 x 40.9 inch (h x w)

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oil paint and oil pastel. 33 x33 inches.


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