半路上 on the way and more art by 邱奕寧 Chiu Yi Ning

半路上 on the way, 2021
48 x 88 cm (h x w)

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other works by 邱奕寧 Chiu Yi Ning

風還在的時候II While the wind is sti..., 2021
46 x 92.5 cm (h x w)
ink on paper 水墨 紙本

大理石公園 I Marble Park I, 2021
22.5 x 54.5 cm (h x w)

迷失在雲端的用戶們 V Users lost in the ..., 2021
28 x 21.5 cm (h x w)

寂寞城市 Xll Lonely City Xll, 2021
52 x 58 cm (h x w)

在路邊看月亮 Watching the moon on t..., 2021
35 x 94 cm (h x w)
水墨設色紙本 Ink and color on paper


more from 晴山藝術中心 Imavision Gallery

11010029, 2020
80 x 80 cm (h x w)
布/線 Cloth & Sting

Burst, 2020
100 x 80 cm (h x w)
布/線 Cloth & String

Thrive, 2021
100 x 180 cm (h x w)
布/線 Cloth & String

Autumn Breeze, 2021
100 x 125 cm (h x w)
布/線/ Clothe and String

Feast 5, 2021
101 x 139 cm (h x w)
布/線 Cloth & String


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