asstrOnOmical affected autOmata and more art by Joseph Nechvatal

asstrOnOmical affected autOmata, 2011
55 x 36.7 inch (h x w)
computer-robotic assisted acrylic on black velvet. courtesy Galerie Richard
New York / Paris


Joseph Nechvatal is an American post-conceptual artist who creates virus-modeled artificial life computer-assisted paintings, digital animations and audio art. He also writes poetry, art theory and art criticism. Themes he has addressed in his work include the apocalyptic, communication excess, the virus, and gender fluidity. In 1999, he earned his Ph.D. in the philosophy of aesthetics and new technology and soon wrote two art theory books: Towards an Immersive Intelligence and Immersion Into Noise. For further information see

The Techspressionism of asstrOnOmical affected autOmata

Joseph Nechvatal has painted with computer technology since 1986. As an emotional reaction to the AIDS epidemic, he began infecting his paintings with custom made C++ computer viruses in 1991. This contamination of painting by digital technology creates an interface between the virtual and the real which he calls the viractual. Nechvatal’s a-life black velvet painting asstrOnOmical affected autOmata was first shown at his nOise anusmOs exhibit at Galerie Richard NYC in 2012 in which the human anus is connected to cosmological nature as an expression of limitless erotic spirituality.

Please note: the actual size of this work is 44 x 66 inches. The relative size has been adjusted for the purposes of this virtual gallery presentation.





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