Ungido and more art by Paula Rucket

Ungido, 2021
21 x 21 inch (h x w)
USD 250
for sale

Hometown: Estero

I capture moments not often seen by the human eye. To photograph a horse is easy - to photograph a horse showing emotion is a challenge and a challenge I aspire to accomplish with every click of my camera's shutter.
Horses are magnificent and powerful creatures. The beautifully sculpted head and the exquisitely shaped muscular body is perfection and an image my camera adores. When in the field with them I choose the horses that are alert and curious as my center of attention. Many of them love the camera and will approach me. The equine personality, physical, and emotional attributes stir my creativity.
Horses communicate in very special ways so my approach is to find awe-inspiring actions by 'seeing' the unique or the unusual and to capture the superb equine attributes with an appreciation for emotion, elements, and vision.

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