Beside the Railroad and more art by Alma Shoaf

Beside the Railroad, 2018
30 x 44 inch (h x w)
USD 895
for sale

Hometown: Gainesville

My art is something that I believe teaches me more about myself and about life than I can ever inform on it. My work has been at times focused on mythology -- from biblical stories and Dantean narratives to the destructive archetype of the Warrior in a modern context - to the exploration of science-fiction as it relates to reimagining gender roles. My primary goal in working with this visual language has been to express how I believe different conceits of gender, sexuality, and morality have led us all, as both individuals and as a collective society, into these varying states of grief, violence and depression we so often find ourselves in - and how we might extricate ourselves from this fate. Coming from an illustration background, I find narratives in these concepts, and attempt to tell them in a way I find most effective in conveying the emotional, conceptual and literal aspects of each.
My work has always held elements of different social and political commentary strewn through-out, with the belief that the personal is always political. I commit that my art is something that teaches me more about myself and about life than I can ever inform on it; and that art is one of the invaluable human developments that brings the most personal, most individual struggles into a broader perspective of humanity and our environment.
In my practice I experiment with a very destructive process of making. This method of drawing, covering, erasing and redrawing using pencil, ink and acrylic is in itself telling a story of creation, destruction, and what comes out from in-between. Its purpose is to renew and rethink the making process, as well as to remember that nothing ever made is so precious that it cannot be destroyed, and in fact everything, one day, is.

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