After The Fire and more art by Rebecca Stack

After The Fire, 2019
22.5 x 18 x 0.3 inch (h x w x d)
USD 325
Fabric and various fibers
for sale

Hometown: St Augustine

I am a textile artist who enjoys the challenge of recreating my drawings and photos using fabric, fibers, and stitch. My works include a variety of techniques and materials including fabric, paint, dye, wax, inks, water soluble media, fibers, hand stitching needle felting and thread painting.

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I'm Okay
31.5 x 31.5 x 0.3 inch (h x w x d)
Textile paints
glow-in-the dark paint
prepared for dyeing fabric and Kona cotton fabric.

We Have Liftoff!
50 x 30 x 0.3 inch (h x w x d)
Batiks were used for the grass
and sky. Prepared for dyeing fabric with textile paints for the legs. Printable fabric was used for the rocket and fence.

Sammy Fishing
31 x 35.5 inch (h x w)
Cotton fabrics
computer printed cotton and organza
Jacquard Lumiere Metallic Colors
Sakura Pigma Micron pens
and double-sided fusible web

Staying Home
43 x 34.5 x 0.3 inch (h x w x d)
wet cyanotypes
Hand dyed fabrics

Florida Spirits
32 x 31.5 inch (h x w)
100% cotton fabric
silk batting
fabric paint


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