Sunshift Yellow Blue Yellow and more art by Suzanne Williamson

Sunshift Yellow Blue Yellow, 2020
36 x 36 inch (h x w)
USD 800
Photographic Print
for sale

3rd Place
Hometown: Tampa

There is a statement by Jasper Johns that I have read: "Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it." My current photographic process embodies these words. Tracing the shoreline in the hours before and at sunrise, I photograph as colors shift from night into day. Changes in water vapor and humidity produce intense color shifts across the horizon of the bay as the minutes pass.
Working with my images, I create photo "totems" by vertically stacking them so they unfurl like filmstrips, in an open narrative of water, light, and land. After creating the long, vertical totems, I crop into them to make new compositions that enlarge and illuminate the colors and forms of my sunrise images. In my new "Sunlit" works, the light and color are more radiant and diffuse, moving toward infinity. The works I am submitting are from this latest "Sunlit" series.

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