Woman In Gold Coat and more art by Gina Coccaro

Woman In Gold Coat, 2018
32.5 x 5.8 x 5 inch (h x w x d)
USD 950
for sale

Hometown: St. Petersburg

My steel sculptures are abstract and often colorful works meant to surprise or intrigue the viewer. I hope that a person seeing my work is pleased by the shape, colors, and overall design of the piece, and feels a connection on some level with the work.
The salvaged automotive steel that I use in my work often has elements inherent to the material that inspired me to use the material in the first place. Weathered paint, crinkled metal, straight or curvy lines with edges... all inspires me and informs the piece to be. A junkyard excursion may net only the usual, more common parts needed for base materials, or I may happen upon a sublime part; a unique part full of character that speaks to me and becomes the focal point in one or more pieces.
My process is very hands on. Rather than making formal drawings of how I want the piece to look, I usually begin with two or three steel parts that I want to use in the piece. I arrange the parts in different positions until the right match is made to form the beginning of the piece. Finishing the piece becomes an intuitive process of cutting, bending, forming and fabricating more parts into the piece until it has reached its finished state. Using metal as an art medium is a physically demanding endeavor. Working and manipulating each part and then welding the part into its place in the piece adds to the connection I have with the piece.

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