Oily Turtles: Burned Paper Turtle and more art by Christy Rupp

Oily Turtles: Burned Paper Turtle, 2011
31.6 x 25.6 inch (h x w)
Welded steel

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other works by Christy Rupp

Extinct Birds Previously Consu..., 2008
142.5 x 75 inch (h x w)
chicken bones

more from Katharine T. Carter & Associates

John Kingerlee by John Mendels...
51 x 76 inch (h x w)

Vagrant (Srik series), 2015
38.1 x 50.8 cm (h x w)
Collage on Indian Paper

Neighbours (Srik series)
96 x 96 inch (h x w)
16 giclee prints each 24"x24" inches on Hahnemuhle etching paper. Edition of 3

Those Early Days in Cornwall (..., 2014-18
40.6 x 40.6 cm (h x w)
Collage on Indian paper

The Young Man's Story (Sr..., 2016
48.3 x 50.8 cm (h x w)
Collage on Indian Paper


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