NEVER TRIFLE with a TRUFFLE and more art by Shannon Pernoud

59 x 31 inch (h x w)
3 500
Machine couched metallic threads. Pleated and rouched “paper” wrappers. Hand applique to attach candies. Walking foot quilted.
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Hometown: Cape Coral

They say everything in Florida is on steroids. A recent transplant to Southwest Florida, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this rule applies to much more than just the wildlife. Inspired by the scrumptious creations of our local, world-class chocolatier, I set out to recreate a supersized box of Floridian flavored truffles.
Expressing the spirit of our local culture, where everything is over-the-top, these quilted chocolates are bursting with flavor, color, and diversity. Florida is truly a land of sensory delights, both natural and man-made. A special thanks to the folks at the confectionary for allowing me to work with this theme.

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