We Have Liftoff! and more art by Brenda Shutter

We Have Liftoff!
50 x 30 x 0.3 inch (h x w x d)
Batiks were used for the grass
and sky. Prepared for dyeing fabric with textile paints for the legs. Printable fabric was used for the rocket and fence.
not for sale

Hometown: Titusville, FL

Some Floridians, myself included, are lucky enough to see rocket launches from our own backyard. We have binoculars at the ready for up close viewing and keep track of the rocket launches scheduled for Florida's Space Coast. When you watch a rocket launch, you look to the sky for the brightness and the billowing trail. Then the sound grows louder, the windows shake, and you feel the ground tremble. You’re going to see, feel and hear the magic of space exploration. It’s an amazing experience that will never get old, rockets soaring into space live! We are truly lucky to live here.

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