Beetlesphere and more art by ICHWAN NOOR

Beetlesphere, 2013
180 x 180 x 180 cm (h x w x d)
real parts from VW Beetle 53
for sale

The idea emerged from a personal perception towards objects that are products of a “transportation culture”, which induces hints/signs of spiritual emotion. To behold avehicle (car) is to have a “magical” (supernatural) identity. Sculptures represent the interaction between humans and the object realm, with strong spiritual tension that affects the subconscious, and that yields a new “animistic” attitude. By combining thetechniques of manipulation and substitution, the form of this sculpture tends toward realistic distortion, which allows new interpretations about the object (car), as a shift in perception that creates an associative meaning. The sculpture’s visual form yields animpression of a sphere - the basis of all forms. The shape of a car is pressed onto the spherical form, producing a dynamic movement,a certain flexibility, but also fragility. It is a conceptof “totems” that is embraced/believed by the people of today.

Because a person will be an example for his people in carrying out their actions and policies. So that it does not further complicate the situation of the people who have experienced degradation in all aspects of life.
Price for original work:

USD 150000

For inquiries, kindly contact us at

Novi Kristiani
+62 857 1841 0938

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