Art-i-fact Being and more art by Lissdexiart

Art-i-fact Being, 2022
16 x 20 inch (h x w)
not for sale

Enough agriculture via degradation
Fire, flood and mass devastation
Chemicals kill galaxies beneath our feet
Wonder why our food is void and deplete
Question the value of seed sowed
Dead dirt wash away and erode
Time has come for us to remember
Passion for life igniting that ember
Mother Earth by nature nurtures
Bring regenerative practice researches
Forests are the lungs of the land
Cleansing air, water and deposit the sand
Organic matter nourish the soil
Underground communities microbes toil
Relationships create earth sponges
Sequestration of carbon it plunges
Resilient she is but needs us now
To slow down and relearn how
What desire sits deep in your heart?
Loved ones, your passions, your art
Your actions of now into future millennia
Do they support generations of many a?
Mother Nature will eventually win
The real question being the team you are in?

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