Tides' End - XI and more art by N. Toros Mutlu,

Tides' End - XI, 2021


Just like dreams may seem to be about anything and everything, but really are about nothing; these photographs, too, are about as anything and everything as dreams can be.
A dream is distilled from your everything; it is fed from a network of memories that stretches from what you had in your breakfast today to your high school history grades, and sometimes even these two can be elemental in the same narrative. Similar to a dream structure, the images in Tides’ End were not made to be about anything in particular; and even if they once were, their meanings should be sought in artist’s past and in their own individual merit. Imposing a pseudo-bond between these images would be a betrayal to viewer’s own narrative. Once again, they are about whatever and anything you see now. If anything; I want these photographs to be the memories you never had. So far.
Inspired by black metal songs, Tides’ End is unsettling but not deranged, triggering but not traumatic, alarming but not threatening; it is a bad dream, but never a nightmare.
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