Mona Lisa and more art by Shereen Ouran

Mona Lisa
90 x 60 x 1 cm (h x w x d)
# acrylic on canvas

I interpreted the Mona Lisa painting by painting a self-portrait in the same sitting position of the figure and changing the nice landscape background into colors and spaces that represent modern life. The most unique thing I find in this genius work is the mystery behind the character and her facial expression; I see her face as the reflection of the viewer. Much has been said about her gaze and her smile, the viewer can see whatever his inner self decides to see;
“your internal environment determines your external environment” one of the universe laws

more from Dalia Ali

Death of Mona Lisa
150 x 122 x 1 cm (h x w x d)
oil and mixed media on wood

160 x 140 x 1 cm (h x w x d)
# Mixed media on canvas

Mona Lisa Lighthouse
100 x 90 x 1 cm (h x w x d)
Mixed media

Mona Lisa
160 x 140 x 1 cm (h x w x d)

Mona Lisa Intro
h = 180 cm


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