one color as two, north and south and more art by Hyungjoo A. Kim

one color as two, north and south, 2019

Korea, USA

Artist's Statement
As a visual designer and poster artist, I am inspired to use social and environmental values as a motive for my work. I have been interested in the potential of design and visual communication to shape human perception and experience positively. I have focused on social and environmental posters as opportunities to engage my design and examine pressing issues of our times.
This poster, “one color as two, north and south,” is one of my peace posters on the divided two parts of North and South Korea. Also, the North-South problem can be extended to as a general term signifying various issues relating to developing countries’ economic and social development.
North and South Korea have been divided since World War II in 1945, separated by international interests, different ideologies, and other reasons. To promote ‘Unification’ and present the reality of the situation, the designer borrowed the modernist color theory of Joseph Albers as a frame for asserting a human connection across the sharp political divide. Also, the designer introduces the fleeing birds as the visual clue signifies to the viewer that these people are the same and want “peace.”

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