Birdcage | Gramophone Feather | Listen Hand and more art by Lisa Winstanley

Birdcage | Gramophone Feather | Listen Hand, 2021
Digital Art


Artist's Statement
As a visual communicator and academic Lisa Winstanley’s work transverses the intersections between art, design, and theory, combining typography, layout, photography, and illustration. Often highlighting controversial cultural, and social issues, her work rejects conformity and challenges convention by inviting the viewer to contemplate their own prejudices and preconceptions; it agitates in a loud and unexpected manner yet can be quirky in tone in an attempt to persuade and influence. Whilst she utilizes a variety of materials in the creation of her work, with these choices determined by the scope of each individual project, there is a common core to her creative practice, which stems from the notion of trust. She uses her practice to explore this notion and delve into its oxymoronic, complex yet nuanced facets, viewing trust through the lenses of asymmetry, nostalgia, security, and imperfection. Through these multiple lenses the main goal of her work is to afford a holistic interpretation of connectivity which embraces the unorthodox.

Birdcage | Gramophone Feather | Listen Hand is a surrealist inspired, digital collage. This work investigates our innate human ability to find connections from seemingly unconnected themes, addressing concepts of freedom, empathy, and vulnerability. A predominantly monochromatic colour palette evokes feelings of nostalgia, yet the pastel pink typography, (a homage to the surrealist parlour game, the exquisite corpse whereby 3 ideas are combined) suggests an outlook towards serendipitous connection.

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Birdcage | Gramophone Feather ..., 2021
46 x 33 inch (h x w)
Digital Collage

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Birdcage | Gramophone Feather ..., 2021
Digital Art

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