Even with our eyes open/closed and more art by Misaki Kawahata

Even with our eyes open/closed, 2022


This short video depicts two paradoxical visual experiences. One is that even with our eyes open, we cannot see anything in the dark. The other is that even with our eyes closed, we see the colour of our own blood by light. In these conditions, the field of vision and the situation in which the subject is present overlap to the limit, and there is little room for any object between them. The result is an emphasis on the eye and the experience of seeing itself. It contrasts with much of our everyday visual experience - objectifying, interpreting within a framework of meaning, and sometimes seeing as desire.
My background is photography, but now I'm more interested in the experience of looking photos and videos. Inspired by Sartre's theory of gaze, I became keenly aware of myself looking and my act of looking. In fact, I was always looking around through the viewfinder, examining images on film and monitor, and gazing at printed photos. In addition, there is no escaping the endless supply of images provided by media today.
I want to think and ask, when we're seeing an image, what are we seeing/not seeing and what does it mean?

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Even with our eyes open/closed, 2022

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