SUNBURNT ANGELS: THE EMPRESS and more art by Tom Mimo

92.8 x 65.6 cm (h x w)
USD 5 000
Digital Poster
for sale

“The Empress” from the Sunburnt Angels series is inspired by the empress card in the
tarot. The artwork came about as a breakthrough piece during the artist’s creative
drought — thus, this piece represents the process of creating with surrender to the
cycle of the creative flow.
This piece hopes to remind us to connect with our senses — sight, smell, taste, touch,
and sound—a reminder to ground ourselves in the here and now. To savor the sensation
of breathing and being; to appreciate the slow, steady, and grounded growth. To free
ourselves of our resistance — to experience pleasure and deep fulfillment by being in
touch with our senses, safe in the knowing that we are whole and enough right at this
moment. We are naturally abundant beings with a naturally overflowing creativity only
when we decide to take a moment and remember who we truly are.

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