Woman Life Freedom in Art History and more art by ANONYMOUS (USA)

Woman Life Freedom in Art History, 2022
4’ x 4’ / Fine Art Illustration / Digital Art -Print

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other works by ANONYMOUS (USA)

Do you know where freedom is?, 2022

Defiance: Nika Shakarami, 2022
23''x30'''/Canvas/Acrylic & Spray Paint

Change Is Coming, 2022
20" x 15" / Stencil Vector Art/ Digital Illustration for Street Art

Woman. Life. Freedom., 2022
14x11”/visual art/mixed media

Force of Unity, 2022
7"x3.5"x0.4"/Cuff Bracelet/Brass
Recycled Empty Bullet Casings
Human Hair


more from MOZAIK Philanthropy

Women In Prison, 2018-2022
1-30X42 cm/Pen on paper 2-30X42 cm/Pen on paper 3- 30X42 cm/Pen on paper 4-20X30 2 cm/Pen on canvas 5- 110X90 cm /pen on old map


The Flames of Change, 2022
85 x 60 cm
Digital Art
printed on archival Giclée paper and framed.

Persian Garden, 2018-2022

Persian Garden, 2018-2022


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