SLIP IN TIME and more art by Yılmaz Üstoğlu

187 x 152 x 1 cm (h x w x d)
GBP 2 800
Digital painting
for sale

Yılmaz Üstoğlu

Yılmaz Üstoğlu was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1998. He spent a large part of his childhood in Rize, his family's hometown. He grew up in a multicultural environment and learned different painting techniques from each member of his family. He started painting at the age of six. T

he nature of the Black Sea region had a significant impact on the development of his visual memory, and the short films he shot within this nature since the age of seven also influenced him. He studied at a science high school for high school education. He wanted to become an engineer, but he discovered that he was more interested in the form and surface he gave to the object he created rather than its functionality, so he turned to fine arts.

He started university in 2016 to study sculpture. He made sculptures, canvas paintings, and took photographs. However, due to the worsening economy in Turkey, he turned to digital art as he could not afford art materials. He has been making digital art since 2018. The artist produces his works with impulses that come in the light of daily life, background, and learning.

He transforms the images formed in his mind into a painting profiting from all the possibilities of digital art. The common denominator in his works is to expand perception. He makes designs on the spot during the creation process rather than proceeding in a planned manner and turns them into paintings.

phone: +905451486627

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