Lemon trees and more art by Henrik Bakmann

Lemon trees, 2022
80 x 80 cm (h x w)
GBP 360
digital collage

Henrik Bakmann comes from Denmark and he works with many different types of art. He was just a little kid, when his grandfather introduced him to art, but it was only when he was 12-13 years old that he started drawing himself.

In his young days, however, it was not art that filled his time. He taught children and young people drama, which led to an education ad a drama leader and later drama pedagogical art and culture communicator for children and young people.

He has also published two youth books.

Henrik is also educated media graphic artist, but he works with many different types of art and materials. For example, he has made - inspired by the North American coastal Indians - totem pictures of wood, he makes mobiles, masks and pictures of plexiglass and he has now also started experimenting with art made of paper and plastic.

His graphic images are created by processing photos of different surfaces and patterns and putting them together into imaginative landscapes. In the way, the images become an expression of his feelings and dreams and his desire is therefore to give the imagination wings to fly out to the people and give the outside world the opportunity to form their own imaginative dreams and experience, thereby making the art experience personal.

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