SOLO and more art by Robin Jack Sarner

120 x 120 cm (h x w)

Robin Jack Sarner was born in 1969 in Miami, Florida. The deep voice of the artist
into abstract expressionism through her works.

The idea of painting a feeling or emotion and having a visual narrative is deeply interesting to me. I am inspired by the mid century modern artists for their ability to visually and masterfully communicate their message.
My paintings explore the deep connection and internal alchemy between emotions and the creation process of turning emotions into visual constructs. The color palette choices, size of the canvas and mixed media materials all have purpose and together fabricate a complete visual narrative.
My abstract style is automatic and intrinsic, sometimes chaotic like my thoughts. To literally rid emotional energy and purge thought, it's compulsory to paint on large surfaces in a gestural, energized way, as smaller substrates are excruciating.
My process includes first
spreading wide strokes of paint across canvas, letting it drip and soak into the cotton. Next I survey the balance, adding mixed media materials and gestural strokes to answer the painting's composition needs. Lastly, mark making becomes an extension of my nervous system, cutting into but adding to the harmony of the painting, accentuating the visual emotional narrative.
Oftentimes, what a viewer sees is my literal untangling of emotional intelligence and the real-time identification of feelings. Having probably the lowest emotional IQ most of my life, it was through "painting-the-painting" that I began to process emotion without having the capacity to identify the feeling. It's literally in my mid-life that I am able to be situationally aware enough to conclude and identify emotions, the good ones, the bad ones and most of all, the uncomfortable ones. The goal is to help the viewer experience the emotional dimensions of abstraction, see my emotional journey and influence connection with their own.
My intent is to continue to teach and bring abstract art to children in schools, create a body of work that represents my emotional journey, and infect viewers with exploring their own emotional depth.

Winner of DECEMBER IN ART - INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION - Curated by @galleryone962 Abstract art promoter,

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