Somerset Lane print l and more art by Luke Piper

Somerset Lane print l, 2010
50 x 67 cm (h x w)
GBP 750
Gilcée on Somerset Velvet paper
for sale

This lane near my home in Somerset. It climbs up on to the hillfort through a tree tunnel just by a dew pond. This is a very old lane connecting ancient settlements using the easiest route possible through quite difficult terrain. Now surfaced the old lane would have been worn deep by generations of horses’ hooves and cartwheels wearing away the soft clay/brash soil and the rainwater washing away the loose material in to Coombe Brook below. The graphic works from this series followed a painting expedition through Western and Northern Australia in 2010. The seemingly abstract colour and pattern used by the indigenous painters is actually very representational often recording knowledge of dreamtime spirits and songlines in the landscape. Returning to Somerset I was inspired to paint my local lanes in a new light. In a way they represent my own version of songlines in my life, land and background.

Individually signed and numbered from an edition of 100 prints, they are framed beautifully by Geraint Davies Picture Framing.

The prints can be made available for collection near Bruton in Somerset for 1st December 2020 onwards. Delivery after this date can also be arranged.

The images size is 570mm x 600mm (approx) and the final framed size is 585 x 745mm.

If still showing as available for sale please email for further details and to secure an order of one of these framed works.

more from Luke Piper

View from Small Down Knoll, 19th March 2020
66 x 101.6 cm (h x w)
pastel & ink on Arches Aquarelle 356gsm CP

Small Down Nova V, March 2020
66 x 66 cm (h x w)
gouache & ink on Arches Aquarelle 300gsm CP

Small Down Nova V detail, June 2020
45 x 45 cm (h x w)
Gilcèe on Hahnemuhle Etching 310gsm paper

Small Down Nova lV, March 2020
66 x 66 cm (h x w)
gouache & ink on Arches Aquarelle 365gsm CP

Small Down Nova lll, March 2020
57 x 57 cm (h x w)
gouache & ink on Arches Aquarelle 300gsm CP


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