Here Chickie, Chickie and more art by Diane Powers-Harris

Here Chickie, Chickie
35.5 x 23.5 inch (h x w)
USD 4 550
Art quilt
for sale

Hometown: Ocala

My pictorial quilt art is primarily inspired by images either taken by myself or occasionally, by others and used with permission. Experimentation and problem solving are paramount to my art. Many challenges are presented as each individual work develops. Such challenges take me on unexpected journeys of fascinating discovery leading to my artistic growth.
Other avenues for creative exploration are developed from specific “word prompts.” Many of my photos are appropriate to this style work. If one is, it’s edited in PhotoShop and I usually print it on treated fabric or possibly send it to a company specializing in this type work.
Printing the selected image as an 8" x 10" photograph is the first step in my design process. The enlarged image is traced to create a detailed line drawing which is scanned into PhotoShop and sized to the desired finished dimensions. The last step in this procedure is to create a “cartoon” by printing the line drawing in full size and taping the pages together. All shapes in the cartoon are labeled for easy reference. Freezer paper templates are traced from the cartoon and each is marked with the corresponding code.
A favored construction method of mine is fused raw edge applique which utilizes fusible web ironed to the back of various fabrics. The freezer paper template is pressed to the front of the fabric allowing accurate shapes to be cut. Often, selected fabrics don’t “play well” together, so other solutions are sought. When fabrics do work in harmony, they are ready to be fused to the background. For added security, the individual shapes are machine stitched in place.
Next, the quilt sandwich is created and finally begins the adventure of bringing the design to life! This can be achieved through numerous means such as detailed thread painting, machine couching, machine quilting, zigzag quilting, or even hand stitch. Enhancements might include beads, buttons, ribbon, paint, stamping, or other interesting techniques.

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