Detention at the Border of language and more art by Enrique Chagoya

Detention at the Border of language, 2019
22 x 30 inch (h x w)
Color Lithograph

Chagoya defangs the stereotypes of Native Americans depicted as primitive savages in the painting by Wimar. The mask and the Mayan head team up with a third character to form a fictitious, original, trans-continental Border Patrol.
This work is a humorous reminder that all nations in the Americas were created by undocumented immigrants from Europe. Today, some politicians call refugees from Central America and other countries “illegal aliens” but for Chagoya, they are no different from the Pilgrims or Daniel Boone’s daughter.

Xenophobia goes against the spirit of this great country he immigrated to and adopted as his home when he became an American citizen.

- Enrique Chagoya

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