PLAyatollah and more art by Abelina Galustian

PLAyatollah, 2017
60 x 48 inch (h x w)
Oil on acrylic airbrushed canvas

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other works by Abelina Galustian

Queen's Preferred: Vandal..., 2002
72 x 54 inch (h x w)
Oil on airbrushed canvas

Veiled Truths, 2003
69 x 29.6 inch (h x w)

Hidden Truths: The Veiled Seri..., 2003
60 x 33.3 inch (h x w)

This is not a cigarette, 2003
24 x 18 inch (h x w)
Color pencil and pastel on paper

Miss Illegal Alien, 2020
54 x 72 inch (h x w)
Oil on acryllic airbrushed canvas


more from Stan State University Art Galleries

Dei ex Machina, 2005
46 x 51 inch (h x w)
# Pastel

Olivant statement
30 x 40 inch (h x w)

Olivant Title
13 x 26 inch (h x w)

Beating About 3D, 1999
15 x 18 x 19 inch (h x w x d)
# Sculpture

Sweet Separation 3D, 1999
17 x 18 x 25 inch (h x w x d)
# Sculpture


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