Rome. Pantheon and more art by Anna Sokolova

Rome. Pantheon, 2020
120 x 120 cm (h x w)
2 200
Pencil on paper over canvas
for sale

“I am having the most interesting conversation with the greatest of creators. And every time I look at the Pantheon, I marvel at the ancients. Mentally I turn to one of them, then to another. And now, imagine that this building doesn’t exist, would have happened? There would be no subsequent architecture. At all. That is, everything that we see around us today - everything would be completely different! Of course, there would be other ideas, different ways. Another canon for echoing repetitions. But it so happened that the Pantheon is the point. The starting point of our civilization ... " Inga Ilm “My Italy”.

I have a friend, a true friend, as I call people who are close to me in spirit and interests, who help not only in difficult times, but respond and are ready to advise, teach, suggest or just tell and share something interesting and useful. Inga helped and have me lots of suggestions.
Now she lives in Rome, this very multifaceted and versatile person. After an acting career, she decided to take up the history of art and succeeded in this. She is the author of many interesting books and articles. Recently her book about Italy was published.

For me, France and Italy have never competed with each other, because I adore both of these countries for their view of the world, history, culture, beauty. And I am happy that such a deep and interesting person revealed Italy to me in a completely different way, which close and understandable to me. And even our favorite places in Rome turned out to be the same. One of such places is the square in front of the Pantheon and the Pantheon itself, an amazing building, unique and one of a kind. It was always magical for me. As a teenager I always asked a lot of questions about this building and its history. There are still not many answers.
I never ask myself a question, which country I should given a few free days. Of course, its Italy!

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