Tribution (Kachin) and more art by Artists Beyond Boundaries

Tribution (Kachin), 2010
photo silkscreen

We are artists and educators who see visual art as a living, evolving force, and an important tool in our work to preserve all life, nature and the wild. Pamela Blotner and Mie Preckler make up the core of ABB, but our team expands to include local artists living in the areas and working with the issues of our concern. Both our collaborative and individual works document and celebrate our surrounding environments while also working to protect and propagate them. We believe that art must bring more than just “Awareness” to the table, that if humankind is to take an active part in averting war, preventing, pestilence and stewarding our wildlife and wild places, we need to have a collective effort and mandate that is passed on from generation to generation.
At a time when many international boundaries are turning into barriers, we believe that the arts and artists share a creative language that can heal and bring people together.

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more from WEAD

The Future is Bright , 2018
38.3 x 68 inch (h x w)

Distance Moving Through Me: G..., 2015
38.3 x 68 inch (h x w)
Sound installation

Emotional Numbness: The impact...
30 x 40 inch (h x w)

Bloop, 2020
38.3 x 68 inch (h x w)

In Honor of Palestinian Resist..., 2018
27 x 20 inch (h x w)
Digital Photo


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