Platypus Creation Story and more art by Black Duck Yuin Yuin (Wallaga Lake Mission)

Platypus Creation Story, 2020
50 x 60 x 2 cm (h x w x d)
# acrylic on canvas

Artist’s Story
Dreaming story of the platypus. As told by the old people sitting around their campfires.

It’s about a water rat called Bilargun who was out hunting.

One day when he came across Daroo the duck he decided he wanted her for his wife, so he invited her to his burrow where he cared for her.

offered by:

more from Federation University Arts Academy

Hands of Hope, 2020
25 x 35 cm (h x w)
# acrylic on canvas

Merry 2020, 2020
acrylic on canvas

Snack , 2020
acrylic on canvas

Ancestral Connection, 2020
45 x 45 cm (h x w)
acrylic on canvas

Snake Story, 2020
45 x 50 cm (h x w)
acrylic on canvas


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