Eye Contact and more art by Camille Pradon

Eye Contact, 2020
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Based on the Mira Hamdis’ text titled "My First Steps," Eye Contact is a visual experimentation leaving plenty of space to the narrator’s voice. As the viewer is fumbling in the dark (seeking to accommodate his eyesight like when entering a room without light), small, rather fragile and luminous openings appear, guiding the gaze into a landscape view shot through the lens of binoculars.


Currently resident of the Cité internationale des arts Camille Pradon is investigating on body and gesture, language, the underlining of stories and narrative structures. Her art practice is influenced by literature, painting, photography and motion pictures. She uses film (digital and analog), installation (including pictures, films, sounds), photography and prints to explore the narrative potential of pictures, their dialectic and the way they interact with their surroundings. Image transformations and modifications, using filters, aggrandizements and framing techniques, is a trademark of her work. Camille Pradon seeks to disturb the viewer, even to destabilize him, by sustaining a sort of unquiet mind state, without fearing the discomfort that her works may provoke. She can push a gesture to the extreme, revealing the truncated reality of our contemporary world. She’s never fooled by its gap and pretense, even going so far as to overwhelm it with its own deficiencies. Something is played outside the image, which is not said and which nevertheless determines the meaning of the work. This vague, half-tinted feeling, never completely declared, migrates from one medium to another, whether it be video, photography, or performance.

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148 x 106 inch (h x w)
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