FLYING KITE and more art by Carole Jury

36 x 36 x 2 inch (h x w x d)
USD 1 600
# Oil painting
for sale

Flying Kite Series
Movements of the kites in the an interpretation of this moment with this superposition of few colors.

oil painting + white wood frame

Photography is the main source of my artistic inspiration. It is the visuals that I took who are at the heart of each of my series, of my works.
These photographs may or may not be recent. Sometimes I go through my albums looking for a shot that I would have lost. They are, most frequently, part of those already destined to become a painting at their birth.
I have been building these albums for at least twenty years, depending on walks, trips, situations or emotions.
They are always there in memory and flourish when they are exposed.
Photography was my first passion. From the film camera to digitizing images, I kept playing with the lights, the fades and the depths. It’s a self-taught game, of course, that has been refined over the years.
I love this instrument which manages to reproduce, to transcribe, to memorize what my eye wants to continue to love.
Being inspired by a photograph does not mean "reproducing it" or "painting it." It’s an inspiring medium for which I will join my interpretation through painting. Interpretation gives itself great freedom, as if it were facing the image without ever developing a tangible and exact reproduction. The imagination operates an almost natural detachment and attaches itself to the exploitation of seeing two aspects of inspiring photography. This can translate into the work of movement, the field of colors, the textures… It is through this work of transcription that my series are born. As a result, within a series, several very different canvases emerge. Salavador Dali Said “Painting is the visible side of the iceberg of my thought.”
Then, the works will stand out, give themselves fragility to obtain singularity. Put side by side, these singularities form a series.
I like to scrutinize the inspiring photograph so that it transports me to the point where it becomes almost intoxicating, that it is sometimes impossible for me to work on another series at the same time.
It is as if it penetrated into my tools, into my oils.
The image becomes a story that I tell with my fingers, the material, the colors. A writer would take his pen to annotate, tell his emotion, here I take my tools and my tubes.
The name of my series are very important because they have to translate the energy I had when I painted the series. I want to restranscribe an emotion or an action more than a simple description of the photo I was inspired by. For example, my last Series “Time goes by” refers to a photo from the south of France during this summer. The sunset was incredible and very light brightness.
All my series are timeless, that is to say that I decided from the start to never end any of them. I want to give myself this freedom to be able to explore them again whenever I want.

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