They Tried to Bury Us Proverb and more art by Christian Cruz

They Tried to Bury Us Proverb, 2019
Performance / Installation
2 hours

Christian Cruz is a multimedia artist. She works at the intersection between theater, dance, visual arts and poetry. She uses mundane repetitive gestures, and working-class objects to build living portraits about labor through a feminist lens.


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more from Remezcla

Reanimated Sarcophagus, 2018
6 foot clay sarcophagus mixed with sheep blood agar
vulture feathers
and other materials from various burial sites of south Texas

Apparent Drawings, 2019
Ink on vellum drawing

We are Staying Put, 2017
Reclaimed clothing and polyfill

doble diferente, 2019
Oil on canvas
58 x 48 in and 58 x 42 in diptych

Paranoia Quilt, 2019
Woodcut on Fabric
37 x 64 in


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