Ngatji Waterholes and more art by Christopher J (Barkindji people)

Ngatji Waterholes, 2020
66 x 50 cm (h x w)
AUD $ 700
acrylic on canvas

The Ngatji, the Rainbow Serpent, wriggled around forming big bends and widening and deepening the channel which became the Darling River, all the way down to Wentworth. Special Ngatji waterholes and mudlark places are all along the river and there are very strict rules about swimming and fishing in the dangerous Ngatji waterholes.

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500 x 250 cm (h x w)

Quote by Thomas Marks
358 x 408 cm (h x w)

Quote by Wayne T
60.9 x 200 cm (h x w)

Quote by Robert Ritchie
60.9 x 200 cm (h x w)

Silk Scarf #92, 2020
200 x 55 cm (h x w)
Natural dyes on silk


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