Do You Believe In Magic? and more art by Colleen Kastner

Do You Believe In Magic?
24 x 37.5 x 1 inch (h x w x d)
USD 580
acrylic mixed media
for sale

Hometown: Cooper City

Originally from South Africa, I've always enjoyed painting and drawing but, like many artists, only began working as a professional artist later in life. I was raised on the spectacular South African beaches, Drakensberg (Dragon’s Back) Mountains, and the untamed places of that country’s stunning game reserves. Nature and wide open, natural places, have always been a source of joy and delight to me so its no wonder the beauty of these places inspires my art too.
I've experimented with oils, charcoal, encaustic wax, watercolors, inks, and most recently, acrylic and collage mixed media. I tend to be impatient and like to work fast so I find working with fast-drying acrylics very satisfying right now. I also love how I can push myself to experiment and try new things knowing changes are not only possible but easy, and even a part of the process of making my art. Staying creatively flexible and being open to change is key in my art and my life.
My latest collection, Transcendence, is all acrylic and collage mixed media and is inspired by five months in Covid quarantine in my beloved North Carolina mountains. In spite of terrible world circumstances, I still found peace and beauty – a spiritual connection – in the serenity and spectacular beauty of the mountains. And I have found personal healing through my art. This is what makes me feel alive and hopeful about the future, and this is what I paint.

offered by:

more from The Arts Council of Martin County

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