Conflict and more art by Daniel Gorostiaga

13 x 18.5 inch (h x w)
USD 400
Linocut Print
colored ink
paint pen
India ink
for sale

Hometown: Stuart

Art is a form of communication. It is the language I use to understand my place in the world and society at large. The suggestive images I use serve as a reflection of the world I see around me. I have been using imagery borrowed from the tattoo world lately to add more ambiguity to my work. Through this, the images also become more universal, making them more relatable to the viewer. These three images I'm submitting have to do with the year 2020. To me, this year seems to be one of division, confrontation and deceit. Everyday, I witness instances of these themes in our society. From one world power to another, from our government officials to our local institutions, from our coworkers to our family members, our current situation keeps getting more and more strained and volatile.
My preferred medium is relief printing, more specifically, linoleum blocks. This is a very unforgiving method of making images. Each carving has to be calculated, too many mistakes and the image will be botched and unusable. I start from a drawing, which is then transferred to a linoblock through a rubbing method. Once my image is on the block, I then proceed to carve out the sections which will not show on the final print. Relief printing means that only the untouched parts—the raised parts of the block—will show on the print. Once the block is carved, I then apply ink to it with a brayer. Once the ink is applied to the block, I can then place a piece of paper on top of the block, apply pressure and then peel off what has now become the print.
Since the relief printing method is extremely calculated and restrictive (in a way), I have started to add hand-drawn or painted elements to my prints in order to enlarge their dimensions and narrative potential.

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other works by Daniel Gorostiaga

"Conflict" (in all d...
29 x 23 inch (h x w)
Linocut Print
paint pen
colored ink

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