Sacred Dog at Dusk and more art by Davonte Barksdale

Sacred Dog at Dusk, 2020
18 x 24 inch (h x w)
Oil paint and charcoal on canvas

I am inspired to create by the media, technology, and pop culture, especially films, and music. Art has been a positive alternative experience to maintaining multiple jobs, fields of study, and overcoming challenging experiences throughout my time here at the university. After obtaining my BA in Art and minor in Business Administration this year, I will dedicate my education and work experience to being a creative leader in business, education, and entertainment. The journey as an artist is a lifelong path and this only the beginning.
Most of my visual art consists of graphic art and paintings. I believe art is cross-disciplinary and enjoy working in different practices. My creative process involves improvisation and simplification. My paintings in particular are a process of experimentation and discovery. Art has infinite meanings. My work challenges what we define as art, and strikes a chord in a different way with every person.

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100by10 4

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23 x 26 inch (h x w)
3D Sculpture

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3D Sculpture

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3D Sculpture


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