It's Humerus - Creature 4 and more art by Elinor Williams

It's Humerus - Creature 4
POSCA marker pen on paper

Elinor Williams is an artist whose work is inspired by medical illustration and animation. As an artist living with chronic illness, her work is driven by a fascination with human anatomy. Through her drawings, she explores the fragmented elements that form a human body. In her stop motion animations, these fragments become creatures of their own, comically illustrating the fallible and absurd nature of our bodies.

Bright yellows and springtime colours are essential to Williams’ aesthetic, utilising the uplifting modern palette to subvert typically morbid representations of the body. Momento mori imagery, symbolism that reminds viewers of their own mortality, is wryly played with, as Williams’ animations encourage audiences to familiarise themselves with the nuances of embodiment. The work is visceral, playful and exudes a sense of levity, celebrating the almost mechanical ticking over of bodily processes. For the artist, it is fundamental to understand chronic illness on an everyday level, as she continues to navigate the challenges of her own illnesses through humour.

Twitter: @ehjwilliamsart
Instagram: @elinorwilliamsart

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POSCA marker pen on paper

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