Once Upon a Time on This Planet 2 and more art by Elvan Ozkavruk Adanir

Once Upon a Time on This Planet 2, 2017
52 x 82 x 3 cm (h x w x d)
Embroidery on digital print
for sale,

Today we are all taking digital photos and we can take as many photos as we wish and mostly, we are not printing them. In old photos you have only “ONE” chance to pose. The aim of this work is to give more mood, more expression, and more color to the old wedding photos. Try to guess what they were thinking while the photos were taken. By the help of digital printing the bride and the groom from 1962 came back to our digital world with embroidered expressions.


As a textile artist, I find myself very lucky to live in Turkey where textiles have a great importance in daily life. I am not limiting myself in only one field of textile art to transform my thoughts into a textile object. I am using different techniques such as digital printing, screen printing, embroidery, weaving, felt making, which I believe is the best technique to express myself for that special work. Turkish culture combines a diverse and heterogeneous set of elements that have been derived from different cultures. I have been nourishing myself with these multicultural traditions. With my works I try to drive attention to some daily problems such as child abuse, physical and/or sexual violence against women, child brides. Sometimes I feature the multicultural essence of my country throughout my works. I interpret traditional textile techniques in a contemporary way.

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