Viah and more art by Enso Artwork

GBP 515
1 x 1 m
acrylics on linen
for sale

ENSO ARTWORK is founded by artist Whitney Ruzzi, currently based in Mallorca, Spain.
The artworks on this website are Whitney's own artistic and creative interpretation of the raw energy of people.

"We are so aware of our body. The way it is in touch with the outside world, the way we are perceived by others.. There is a tendency to think that we are only physical beings.
"I want people to see the beautiful imperfection of the soul, raw emotions, vibrant spirits. I want them to explore their inner self. To encourage their differences. I want them to see how beautiful the world would be if we did that.” - Whitney Ruzzi


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other works by Enso Artwork

Rise from the Mud
30 x 35cm
oil on linen with black floating frame

Blue Lady
38 x 32 cm
oil on linen with black floating flame

more from THE HOLY ART

ZENSPA (森)(林)(温)(泉), 2020
Conceptual Performance with EEG (Electroencephalography): Brainwave Detective Device
A Multi-Channel Video Installation

Me-Time (4.0): mindfulness - i..., 2018
Conceptual Performance
A Multi-Channel Video Installation

En la sala de espera ( When w...
video art

Strip Ceasar
1000 x 1503
Mixed media

Bipolar Lab , 2020


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