The war of the oil and more art by Farzaneh Najafi

The war of the oil, 2020
Video installation

Oil, this black gold is the motive for seizure and plunder many lands all over the world. The Middle East is the focal point for world superpowers due to the existence of such oil reserves in this region. The United States, presently, is placed on the top of the pyramid, having the power and suppresses many other countries to intensify its emphasis on the sanctions against Iran. The sanctions not only challenged the Iranian economy, but even had irreversible impacts on the increasing devastation of the environment of Iran and the world as a whole. The lengthy lines of people demanding kerosene during the Iran-Iraq war have nowadays changed into waiting for exchanging stocks. A considerable portion of the stock market is owned by oil companies and refineries. These companies which depend on oil products have offered a portion of their values as stock and during recent months and people spend long hours in the lines for stock exchanging per day. Unfortunately, increasing sanctions intensity causes economic issues, therefore Iran’s endeavor to produce a greater amount would lead to demolition of the environment and spreading contaminants, and consequently non-compensable damage of the environment.

The work is formed of an installation using 9 old 20-liter oil barrels and a video projection set. A video of the lines of selling and buying stocks offered by oil production companies in the stock market of Iran is shown. The time designated to the video that is supposed to be played on parts of the body of the barrels is 60 second.

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The war of the oil, 2020
Video installation

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20 x 27 inch (h x w)
Digital Photography

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natural color

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photo silkscreen

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20 x 27 inch (h x w)
Artist’s Book accordion format made from hand pulled wood relief prints on Somerset Black Velvet and Somerset Velvet.


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