Untitled and more art by Funda Zeynep Ayguler

Untitled, 2020
148 x 106 inch (h x w)
data visualization

[ IVLA - Honorable Mention ]

In this work, major conceptions in four contemporary philosophers' literature are analyzed by using a widely used machine learning application which is a set of language modeling techniques called Natural Language Processing (NLP). The word representations are measured mathematically by word similarity inside an abstract vector space, that is derived from real-world language corpora. Words become points in n-dimensional space, where algebraic operations operate on the syntactic and semantic creation of language.

This technique is very efficient for representing words, because the vectors also contain semantic information. In the graphic, dots that are closer together in space mean that they have similar in context. For example, epidemic, bacteriological, immunodeficiency, unemployment, endemic, intoxication, chronic, immunities have vectors close to each other. Words that are different in context are further away from one another, and their relationship can be represented by distance in vector space. The graphics have reduced from multi-dimensions vector space down to x and y coordinates.


Funda Zeynep Aygüler is a multidisciplinary currently based in Weimar. She has background studies in Architecture, graduated from Anadolu University with a degree in Animation, currently completing her master's degree in Media Art and Design at Bauhaus University Weimar. Her work is influenced by many cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary practices. She continues to explore her practice as a filmmaker, animator, photographer, and work and gain experience in an area focused on creative use and investigation of new media through art making. Her works were presented internationally and supported by the Ministry of Culture Turkey, New Film Fund, Anadolu Kültür and the !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival.

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