Ouroboros and more art by Gem Beila Rosenberg

70 x 100 cm (h x w)
Collage on paper

Lunar Sea, a series by Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist, Gem Rosenberg, explores the relationship between humans and the environment inspired by our shared elements and cycles. All life began in the sea, just as we begin our lives in a womb as part human, part "fish". Most fluids of the human body are biochemically similar to seawater. The moon influences the tides, ocean life, ancient and contemporary culture. Rosenberg uses mixed-media collage as an ecofeminist exploration inspired by marine biology, myth and spiritual lunar connection. The sea contains life and death, with a rhythm that calls us home to ourselves, cleansing and attuning us. Yet, it is an inconceivable expanse, sometimes, ferociously wild.

The ocean is a mirror and a metaphor for the self, embracing light, mystery, shadow, and depth. From a place of safety, Lunar Sea gently challenges the emotional numbness that can arise from trauma in favor of vulnerability. Water is a powerful source of nurturance on this path to transformation.

There are many examples of feminine archetypes associated with the Sea such as Aphrodite (Greece), the Virgin Mary (sometimes referred to as Our Lady, Star of the Sea), Yemoja (Yoruba), and Sedna (Inuit), revealing how the ocean has cross-cultural associations with divine femininity throughout time. Imagined feminine archetypes float in and out of convention, always somehow rooted in a landscape that is uniquely her as much as she is it. It is this lack of separation between self and environment that shows our simultaneous destruction as an opportunity for healing and completeness.

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