Mariana Prado and more art by @glutenisfree

Mariana Prado
175 x 175 cm (h x w)

This is Mariana Prado, @glutenisfree
The type of artwork she tackles as she shares with
us is "I mostly do oil paintings, but recently I have
been working on mixed media portraits as well as some
digital work."Along with her thoughts on the
local art scene and how we can bring it up as a community
"I believe the local art in the RGV is wonderful in the sense
of how supportive people can be.
I have made many friends thanks to it;
people who I know hold dear to my heart.
However, I think we could all improve
conceptually and technically. I enjoy my
practice very much, but it’s not where I want it to be.
This isn’t the end path. I hope to keep growing and learning."

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